Juju Juggles Inauguration…and More

(…Continued from TVNewser)

Chang and DuBreuil pitched themselves as the digital team. “On the beaten path,” Chang explains. Chang was scheduled to cover the Armed Services Ball for ABC News but did not want to be “tethered to a camera.”

Chang will still be a part of the network’s broadcast coverage, starting her day on Good Morning America Tuesday. Then it’s all broadband from there. The team will Twitter what they see (follow them here) while updating their status on Facebook, where DuBreuil has already added promotional videos. And they’ll write blog posts on ABCNews.com throughout the day.

Chang explains the mission of Juju Juggles in three steps.

“Step one: get as close to Obama, or as close as our secret service credentials and chutzpah allow us. Step two: see the parade from three of the coolest places. And step three: Go to three inaugural balls and interview three people.” (do you sense a theme?)

Juju_1.18.bmpAs for the name, it’s more than nice alliteration.

“A couple weeks ago,” Chang explains, “ABC came to me and asked if I would do a weekly Weblog on work-life balance. I wanted to call it the juggle.” Chang and Shapiro are the parents of three boys, ages 8, 5 and 1. So while Juju Juggles has its inaugural at the Inauguration it will continue on ABCNews.com as a resource for working moms. Chang, by the way, is trying to learn how to juggle for real, (you know, oranges, bowling pins, etc.) before Tuesday.

Says DuBreuil of the project, “The network didn’t just say ‘we’re going to delegate you to the netherworld’ but they said ‘we want you on GMA and at the Newseum and wherever the story is happening.'”

And as they juggle the multiple locations with the multiple newsgathering tools, this ABC News team is proving they won’t be tied down.

“It will be so liberating to be unplugged, so to speak,” says Chang.