Jon Stewart’s Slap at CNBC Rockets Web Traffic

Jon Stewart’s evisceration of CNBC has become a boon to Comedy Central Digital, resulting in the highest traffic and video stream numbers this year for its collection of Web sites.

The clip, see it here, during which Stewart responds to CNBC’s reporter Rick Santelli’s recent rant about the housing bailout by pointing out a series of instances when CNBC reports guessed wrong on the markets, has become another viral hit for the Daily Show host.

 Back in 2004, a memorable appearance by Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire became a much-forwarded clip in the days before YouTube.

Stewart’s rant, dubbed “CNBC Gives Financial Advice,” has already recorded 1.3 million views to date, making it Comedy Central’s most streamed clip this year.

According to Comedy Central officials, its sites total unique visitors jumped by 27 percent during the week of Mar. 2 versus their 2009 average. Results were even better for, which saw its weekly unique user figure surge by 65 versus the rest of the year, and which similar saw audience growth in the range of 64 percent versus its weekly average.