The White House Put A #JediMindMeld On Twitter

Who knows how to get the Twitterverse buzzing faster than the latest 4Chan meme? The White House.

They’re so good at it actually, that one is left wondering if this latest gaffe by President Obama (and the Twitteriffic response that followed) wasn’t actually an intentional slip-up?

Either way, these folks know their stuff and have, again, taken over Twitter. But is it enough to sway public opinion?

President Obama held a press conference earlier and he as he was trying to make a point, he confused Star Trek and Star Wars, referencing a “Jedi mind meld.” In case you’ve never seen either (and yes, those people exist) he should have said “Jedi mind trick” (Star Wars) or “Vulcan mind meld” (Star Trek). And as the Internet is ruled by Sci-Fi fans (in part), #JediMindMeld quickly became a “thing” on Twitter.

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Not every platform is the same, of course, but one thing works pretty consistently across most of them – memes. So in response to Obama’s sci-fi slip-up, The White House posted this gem on Twitter (and Facebook – but not on Google+, that crowd is too serious):

(Again, “the force” is Star Wars; “illogical” is Star Trek – oh, the hilarity!) And where does the JediMindMeld link take people? To the President’s Sequester Plan, naturally – where you can bet they saw the highest click-through rates to date from this little stunt.

And THAT is both a great example of content marketing and a sad statement on Americans’ political apathy.

Happy Friday!

(Jedi dog image from Shutterstock)