Jawbone UP Bluetooth Activity Tracking Wristband Works with Android and iPhone

If it is one thing we’ve learned from the social network boom, it is that people are fascinated by numbers: Number of followers on Twitter. Number of check-ins on Foursquare. Number of people in Google+ Circles. The ultimate in numbers is, of course, numbers about yourself. I’ve been using a Fitbit wireless activity tracking device for over a year now.

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker Initial Impressions (May 2010)

The Fitbit, which already has a number of competing products, is about to get another one from a company best known for its Bluetooth headsets.

Jawbone Takes on Health Market With New Sensor Wristband (ReadWriteWeb)

The marketing slogan used for this Jawbone UP wristband is: A revolutionaary new system that tracks your movement, sleep patterns, and eating habts and puts that information in the palm of your hand.

Here’s what I know about this unreleased product based on the meta-tags on the product’s website:

1. It uses Bluetooth
2. It will work with the iPhone
3. It will work with Android phones

Other key words in the tag set are: Jawbone, Up, Health, Wellness, Lifestyle, eat, Food, Nutrition, Sleep, Move, JAMBOX, headset, band, live, life, bracelet, weight lost.

If the Jawbone UP is able to transmit information from the wristband directly to an iPhone or Android device, it will have a big advantage over the Fitbit which requires wireless sync to a Mac or PC desktop or notebook.

The Fitbit has an active community of users who can compare their activity both anonymously and identified with social groups. It would not be surprising if the Jawbone UP develops a similiar social network.