Jack and Jill Go Up a Hill…and Sell!

Red Tag Media announces their flagship solution to shopping-savvy customers with a feature-rich bargain shopping social community, providing unpublished coupon codes, discounts, and store promotions. Through an interactive interface, users can monitor price drops while staying informed of the latest sale events at major retailers.

Forget store circulars! Online shoppers can spread the word about retail discounts with Red Tag Media, a social community that wants you to never pay the sticker price.

Comprised of three ‘channels,’ you can exchange ideas on products and sale events, while sharing your own shopping tips.

BargainJack.com: Geared for the guys, this site puts a concentration of electronics, computers and gadgets. You’ll also find apparel, tools and a product of the day, recommended by the site’s editor.

BargainJill.com: From fashion deals to restaurants, kids’ items to the garden, Jill acts as a tour guide, bringing the ladies the 411 they want. There’s also a video component to the site with Bargain Jill TV, a show that discusses product sales, fashion deals, etc.

OneDayBuys.com: This segment of the Red Tag project aggregates all of those one-product-a-day Websites that make stuff available in mass quantities for short periods of time.

Each site has a clean look and is relatively easy to navigate. Using a combination of animated characters, real-life video and text, the site accomplishes its mission.

With sites like these, you’ll be sure to drain your Paypal balance in no time.