IWNY 2010: Aol to Turn Brands Into ‘Super-Networks’

tim-armstrong060910.jpg AOL brands like Engadget and Aol Music could be expanding to new websites and products, according to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.

WebNewser was there at Armstrong’s Q&A at IAB Innovation Days, part of Internet Week 2010.

At the event, Armstrong said that the company is reorganizing its content divisions into networks and “super-networks” that will make it easier to sell to advertisers, and grow some of the company’s marquee brands.

“At Aol have hundreds of consumer-facing URLs or brands, and what we see in the future is the opportunity to create very large brands that turn into super-networks,” Armstrong said. “So you take something like an Engadget, which has lot of readership, a lot of focus and a lot of brand credibility, The Engadget brand has the opportunity to become a super network.”

Engadget already has a mobile-focused site, an HD-focused site and the recently launched Engadget Alt, but Aol’s new strategy could see the brand expanding into other areas of the tech space. The goal is to put together a network of sites with a common audience, which would make it easy to sell them as a group to advertisers.

Armstrong also addressed the rumors that Aol was talking to Microsoft about an acquisition.

“Aol is not for sale,” he said, though he left the door open to a possible partnership with the company. “We are not talking to Microsoft about selling the company, that has never been the case. As a matter of fact I think Aol will be a net acquirer, not necessarily of Microsoft, but of other companies.”