iWidgets to Syndicate TV Episodes in Full

-iWidgets Logo-Tomorrow iWidgets, “the social syndication company”, will be announcing the iWidgets Social Syndication Platform. The main part of this announcement is that users of the platform will have access to entire CBS Interactive television shows. Those shows can then be distributed socially through the iWidgets platform. I had a chance to speak with the CEO of iWidgets earlier this year when out in San Francisco at f8.

I found out that iWidgets is attempting to tackle a problem that many have tried to accomplish: the simple creation of widgets for those that don’t know how to program. I’ve embedded the iWidgets demo below so you can see how widget creation takes place. The widget creation studio appears to use a Yahoo! Pipes like interface which lets users customize what type of content is displayed within their widgets.

There are ultimately a lot of widget distribution platforms out there but what differentiates iWidgets from the rest is their focus on social distribution. Pretty much all the other widget platforms enable distribution via social platforms but iWidgets claims that their platform accesses native features such as viral channels and this differentiates them from the rest.

Ultimately the widget syndication space is getting pretty crowded but iWidgets believes that their focus on social platforms will help to provide a clear enough differentiator that they can carve out a solid niche. The company will be presenting their platform at DEMO this week in California. I’m interested to see how this company positions themselves over the coming months.