Twitter Reacts to Hillary Clinton’s Kwanzaa Logo

NOW HIRING: Social Media Rep for Popular DNC Candidate.

Ever since Hillary Clinton unveiled her directional logo that tips its hat to its “forward” hopeful predecessor, creatives have been having a good time trolling her campaign based on the many ways the red and blue ‘H’ changes.

Following Hanukkah and Christmas, there is a celebration (and openly considered made-up because it’s only been around since 1966) called Kwanzaa.

On its second day of Kujichagulia, (Dec. 27) which means self-determination, Clinton once again rolled out her popular Twitter handle to pander, reach out to show support by changing her logo in the hopes of getting some additional votes.

Public relations can be crushed with a simple tweet. While Hillary offered her warmest wishes via Twitter, she got a chilly reception because voters aren’t as dense as she thinks.

Giving a shout-out to the Jewish community on Hanukkah? Expected. A similar shout-out to Christians on Christmas? Typical. Dawning the party favors for Kwanzaa? Not so much. Apparently.

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