IT Geeks Got Their Own Social Network –

Who says that tech geeks, or to put it nicely IT and Telecoms professionals are anti-social freaks? Of course, they (alright WE) are also like everyone else who need a daily dose of social interaction be it in real life or virtually online. You want proof? How about a social networking site geared specifically for IT and Telecoms professionals? No matter how geek it may sound, is still a social networking site. was built sometime in 2007 and as a social networking site it aims to provide members with high-end user experience through a user friendly, logical working environment with practical functionality and content.

Specifically hopes to become the major online Professional and Social networking hub for the IT and Telecoms Industries by providing its members with a continously updated network offering wide and diverse range of goods and services and to maintain the site free of charge.

Being a social networking site for IT professionals, is hoping to attract its target audience that comprises the Global IT and Telecoms community. But since it is a free site, anyone can actually be a member. But of course, if you don’t belong in their industry, we doubt if you could fit into the If you are curious still to know what it offers, you are free to visit the site.

Finally for IT and Telecom geeks who decide to join the site, you’ll have at your disposal various social networking features that includes an online forum, job search tool and a range of other useful tools.