The 10 Biggest Acquisitions Of Israeli Companies This Year

There’s been a great deal of buzz lately about companies coming out of Israel being acquired by giant corporations such as Google (acquired Quiksee) and AOL (acquired 5min). What might surprise you is that many other Israeli companies have been bought and haven’t hit the popular headlines perhaps because they weren’t bought by glamorous and famous companies such as Google and AOL. In the past year, companies have been snatched up from this tiny country by lesser known corporations from countries around the world like China and Russia.

Here are the ten biggest acquisitions of Israeli companies this year.

1. 5min – Bought by AOL in September for $65 million.

5min is the fifth Israeli company acquired by AOL to date. AOL previously acquired Mirabilis (instant messaging), Relegence (financial services), Yedda (questions and answers site) and Quigo (contextual search engine marketing).

5min produces free instructional video content for the Web. The acquisition of 5min provides AOL with more than 20,000 videos and about 20 million unique views per month, according to comScore.

2. Quiksee – Acquired by Google in September for $10 million

Quiksee is the second Israeli company acquired by Google this year. Users can upload videos of locations via Quiksee and upload to Google Maps. In particular, businesses can utilize Quiksee to increase their chances of being found on Google Maps Search Engine results.

3. LabPixies – Acquired by Google in April for $25 million

Lab Pixies is a widget and games web company that is now used by Google to create personalized iGoogle pages

4. ICQ – Acquired by Digital Sky Technologies Limited (DST) in April for $187.5 million

DST is the largest Russian Internet company in Russia and Eastern European. ICQ is the leading instant messaging service in Russia and Eastern Europe.

5. Attenti – Acquired by 3M in August for $230 million

3M is famous for being the company to invent Post It notes but has since expanded to making thousands of products and developing emerging technologies. Attenti technology remotely monitors and tracks people’s movements such as people awaiting trial, people on probation as well as the elderly to monitor their safely.

6. Storwize – Acquired by IBM in July for $140 million

Storwize provides on-line data compression.

7. Convergin – Acquired by Oracle in Feb for undisclosed amount

Convergin’s software allows telecommunication companies to deliver services across multiple networks and platforms.

8. Optibase Video Business – Acquired by Vitec Multimedia in March for $8 million

Vitec Mulitmedia is a French company specializing in digital video solutions. Optibase develops digital IPTV video solutions.

9. Pegasus Technologies – Acquired by Yifang in February for $60 million

Yifang is a Chinese consumer electronics company and is the first Chinese company to acquire an Israeli company.   Pegasus Technologies is a developer of digital pens which translate handwriting into digital formats that work with various computer standards.

10. BitBand – Acquired by Motorola in February for $10million

BitBand specializes in on demand video for IPTV.

It seems there are diverse types of startups coming out of Israel and a diversity of companies from around the globe that have swept up what they have to offer.