iPad Launch To Be Met With Protests

Apple’s new iPad hits stores tomorrow, and there will be more than the usual lines of fans in NYC, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Change.org protesters will be joining Apple customers in line in a move to get Apple to “stop worker abuse in their factories.”

The press release explains: “Demonstrators will demand Apple create a worker protection strategy to prevent workplace abuse, injury, and death, including how to keep workers safe during labor-intensive releases of new products like the iPad 3.”

Apple has faced scrutiny for the past few months after reports of unsafe working conditions in its factories in China emerged. In response to the criticism, Apple has launched investigations into the working conditions in tis factories in China. This includes partnering with the Fair Labor Association who is interviewing thousands of employees asking questions about the conditions including such issues as health and safety, compensation, working hours and communication with management.

Change.org also has a petition online for concerned consumers.