Interactive Images In Tweets: Good Idea Or Information Overload?

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes… but apparently the folks at ThingLink feel that it couldn’t hurt to add a few words to the pics we share on Twitter. They’ve created interactive images that can be shared in a tweet.

As Mashable reports, ThingLink images in tweets appear as regular images with small icons strategically placed throughout the image. When hovered over, these icons expand to let users click over to a YouTube page, Facebook status, contact form, audio clip or any other piece of digital material you can link to.

Mashable shared this example of a tweet by country music artist Joy Collins as ThingLink in action.

In this particular instance, Collins’ tweet has 10 interactive elements, including the top link to the ThingLink page.

Hovering over one icon causes a pop-up bubble to appear with a link to Google+ and the call to “Visit me on Google Plus yall”. Another links to Collins’ music on iTunes, while another points to a contact form to “Join Team Joy”.

As Mashable points out, this type of interactivity could be a huge boon to brands advertising on Twitter. Each image they share can become a platform for multiple points of engagement between themselves and their followers.

Still, there are issues with interactive images that will have to be addressed. For starters, some might see the 10+ links attached to an image as a little excessive, and turn away from the interactivity altogether.

Do you think ThingLink images will take off? Let us know in the comments below.

(Interactive photo image via Shutterstock)