Insurance Company Offers Cheap Protection Plans… For Your FarmVille Crops

Zynga announced its partnership with the Farmers Insurance Group where a branded crop-protecting zeppelin will hover over players' farms for 10 days.

Zynga’s Farmville is quickly becoming a darling for brand integrations. The popular farm-based social game has successfully incorporated brands and non-profits alike. In its latest partnership, Zynga is working with the Farmers Insurance Group to provide players with an in-game airship.

Although the iconic FarmVille is down to about 60M monthly active users from its peak around 85M+ MAUs, it’s still a significantly attractive game for brands to try and integrate with. Farmers Insurance Group is doing just that by becoming the first insurance company to be featured within a game on social platforms. Starting October 18, the Farmers Insurance Airship – a 248 ft. long Zeppelin, will be accessible to players for 10 days, providing ‘wither protection’ for players’ crops. In addition, players will have a chance to grab a ride on the Zeppelin until November 15th by checking out the Farmers Insurance Facebook page.

Zynga partnered with organic food maker Cascadian Farm back in July to provide players access to a new organic blueberries crop. The crop quickly became a success as over 310 million blueberries were planted. Evidence of positive brand association stemmed from the myriad of friend requests “Farmer Joe” received, about 5000 in total, on Facebook. Prior to that Farmville partnered with Saatchi Interactive in Tel Aviv, rolling out a campaign for Elite Taami Nutz, a peanut-filled variant of the fairly popular Israeli chocolate bar.

Zynga has also been active in its charitable endeavors selling Sweet Seeds and donating money for every time virtual school supplies were exchanged by players in FarmVille and Mafia Wars. 100 percent of these proceeds are being used to finance the development of a new school in Haiti called “L’Ecole de Choix.”