INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl vs. Other Major Sports Events in Facebook Ad Spend

Facebook SPMD SocialCode analyzed the ad campaigns of 12 Fortune 500 clients during 2014’s three major sporting events -- the Super Bowl, the World Cup and the Olympics

In light of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX, SocialCode, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, analyzed the Facebook ad campaigns of one-dozen of its Fortune 500 brand clients during three major sporting events: Super Bowl XLVII, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games from Sochi, Russia, and 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Findings by SocialCode included:

  • Two-thirds of the advertisers it studied spent during last year’s Super Bowl, with only one-quarter spending across multiple events.
  • Brands set aside larger budgets for longer events, with the Olympics and the World Cup giving them the opportunity to connect with Facebook users worldwide over multiple weeks.
  • Spending on the World Cup was 8.8 times higher than spending on the Olympics and nearly 20 times higher than the total for the Super Bowl. The Olympics came in at 2.25 times the Super Bowl.
  • Advertisers spent more on a per-hour basis for the Super Bowl, spending 6 times more per hour than the Olympics and 40 times more than the World Cup.


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