INFOGRAPHIC: Top 20 Facebook Brands See Lower Like Totals, Too

Even the most popular pages on Facebook were not immune to last month’s purge of likes by memorialized or deactivated accounts.

CointreauLogo650The top 20 brands on Facebook boasted an average of 14,281,790 likes at the end of March, down sharply from 15,253,189 at the end of February, proving that even the most popular pages on the social network were not immune to last month’s purge of likes by memorialized or deactivated accounts, according to the most recent statistics from social media analytics platform Socialbakers.

Those brands averaged 37 posts for the month, down from 49 in February.

Socialbakers also found that:

  • Retail was still the top industry in terms of Facebook likes, but its total fell to 206,544,754 from 218,233,728.
  • Walmart continued as the top brand on the social network in terms of likes, but it also saw a sharp cut, to 30,271,428 from 32,249,924.
  • The same applied to Disney as the top media brand, slipping to 11,509,733 likes from 12,441,555.
  • Spirits brand Cointreau earned a toast as the leader in Facebook post engagement, at 29.99 percent.
  • Fitbit outmuscled Sprint to claim the title of most Socially Devoted brand on Facebook for March, with a score of 859, and February’s leader, Verizon Wireless, failed to crack the top five.
  • Starbucks remained the top brand in terms of Twitter followers, with 7,435,204 at the end of March, up from 7,266,333 at the conclusion of the previous month.
  • Etsy was another repeat winner, leading brands on Twitter in terms of interactions for the month, with 1,122,806.
  • The brand with the most video views on YouTube for March was another repeat winner, Vat19, with 788,897,850.
  • Rockstar Games easily retained its position as the brand with the most YouTube subscribers at the end of March, with 2,262,118, nearly double the total of second-place Vat19.


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