iLike Launches With Google Friend Connect

Need a playlist for your website? iLike has just launched a social music gadget powered by Google Friend Connect to not only let you offer a playlist for your website, but allow site visitors to contribute to the playlist as well. It’s a unique way in which to let your site visitors become more engaged with the content being delivered via your website, and everyone loves music, right?

This particular implementation of Google Friend Connect makes the iLike music gadget an easily-added application on just about any website out there. Using Friend Connect also allows a publisher’s site to become instantaneously “social” as any Google user can simply use their credentials to participate in the collaborative creation of a site-specific music playlist.

The iLike gadget that resides on a publisher’s website is simple enough, and reflects iLike’s minimalistic style. From the usability standpoint, site visitors can listen to songs in the playlist, view additional information about a given album, see related videos and be linked to additional information about the artist as well. From a distribution standpoint, the added ease of use for site publishers will ultimately be good for artists that have content available on iLike. Seeing as iLike also recently launched an advertising network, the Friend Connect gadget could ultimately have some benefits towards this end as well.

iLike has always been one to push the social route, having a growing presence through its standalone website and through third party applications residing on networks like Facebook. And the more readily iLike can leverage platforms that make it easier and more accessible for end users and site visitors to join in on the fun, the further iLike will be able to push its services.