If You’re Not Into Black Friday, Follow Buy Nothing Day on Twitter

Although Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a lot of us are thinking ahead to Friday, when we’ll struggle against the sirens of triptophan and do the 4AM obligatory wakeup for a day of deals, deals and more deals. However, if Black Friday isn’t your thing, or if you want to be part of an anti-consumer movement this year instead of spending $300 on a new digital camera that will replace the one you bought just six months ago, consider joining the Buy Nothing Day movement.

While we did compile a comprehensive list of Black Friday deals on Twitter, we thought it only fair to share the anti-Black Friday Twitter follows too.

Since 1997, Buy Nothing Day has been embraced by anti-consumerists around the globe. Its roots are in Vancouver, Canada, but it has extended around the world and is now celebrated in over 65 nations.

So what exactly is Buy Nothing Day, you ask? It is what it’s name implies. A day where you buy nothing – no lattes, no subway fare, no laptops, no books. No nothing. And it just happens to fall on the day after American thanksgiving: Black Friday, the day of nation-wide deals that is one of the most shopped-on days of the year.

Buy Nothing Day falls on November 26th in North American and November 27th in the rest of the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about the anti-Black Friday movement, there are a number of Twitter accounts and hashtags you can follow.

The official Buy Nothing Day Twitter account is @BuyNothingDay. You will get links to Buy Nothing Day posters so you can encourage your community to join in, photos of ridiculously over-the-top consumer goods for sale this Friday (think furry elephant LCD TV frames), and links to Buy Nothing Day events around the world.

Another great Buy Nothing Day Twitter follow is @AdBusters. This Vancouver-based anti-consumerism magazine was the first to promote Buy Nothing Day a decade and a half ago, and their Twitter feed features Buy Nothing Day tweets telling you to “Reject corporate culture selling you on mindless overconsumption”.

There are also two hashtags associated with Buy Nothing Day. The official hashtag that is linked-to on the Buy Nothing Day website is #BND2010, and the unofficial #buynothingday has some great discussions as well.

If you’re looking for a way to counteract the rampant consumerism of Black Friday and the holiday season more generally, give these accounts and hashtags a follow. You could end up saving yourself a few hundred bucks by not shopping this Friday, and be part of a global social movement, too.