Huffington On Huffington

This afternoon we caught up with Arianna Huffington and talked about her co-hosting gig on CNBC’s Squawk Box tomorrow morning (more on that here on TVNewser). But we also asked about yesterday’s announcement that The Huffington Post is partnering with Atlantic Philanthropies to begin a series of investigative reports on HuffPo.

WebNewser: Huffington Post is launching an investigative journalism platform… you say it’s one way to save investigative journalism as we know it. But does that also meet a goal of having more original content rather than depending on aggregated content on Huffington Post?

Huffington: We’ve always been a mix. 30% of our content comes from original reporting. And our Investigative Fund will increase our exposure [of original reporting.] The next thing for us is we are working on our local strategy.

WebNewser: Chicago…

Huffington: Yes, Chicago…and soon other cities. But what I find absorbing at the moment is directing our coverage of this real economic crisis. The role of the media is much more important now. I’m finally grateful that I got a degree in economics.