HTC ‘Facebook Phone’ Flops Along With Facebook Home

Poor reviews abound for Android app, interface

AT&T is prepared to discontinue the Android HTC First due to stagnant sales, according to The Guardian.

After introducing the so-called Facebook phone at the beginning of April, AT&T has sold fewer than 15,000 units and dropped its price from 99 dollars to 99 cents. By comparison, AT&T has sold an average of 300,000 Android phones per month since the beginning of 2013. AT&T denied plans to cancel the HTC First and described the price plummet as a "promotion."

Meanwhile, Facebook Home, the software package that makes Facebook the raison d'être of Android phones, is struggling with poor reviews and slow sales. It has taken a month for Home to limp past the 1 million download mark on Google Play, where it has an average rating of 2.2 out of 5. "This launcher is great if you want your lockscreen to show your Facebook feed but awful if you still need to use your phone for any other reason," a user wrote in one of over 8,000 one-star reviews.

News outlets like Salon and Business Insider have been quick to declare Facebook Home a dud. Not so, said Wired, pointing out that it often takes multiple iterations for apps to eliminate problems and catch on to an audience.