Howard Kurtz Helping Wife’s PR Clients?


Writes Jacque Steinberg in today’s NY Times:

When Howard Kurtz invited Kimberly Dozier, the CBS journalist wounded in Iraq, onto his program, “Reliable Sources,” on CNN on Sunday, he was not a disinterested interviewer. Mr. Kurtz’s wife, Sheri Annis, had been paid to serve as a publicist for Ms. Dozier’s memoir, “Breathing the Fire,” which Ms. Dozier had come on the program to discuss.

To be fair, Kurtz did mention the connection, adding towards the end of the segment, “I should mention that my wife has done some promotion work for Kim Dozier’s book.”

TVNewser reports, “Kurtz did say he asked his producers first, who suggested the interview move forward as long as a ‘disclaimer’ was used.”