How to run an effective awareness campaign on Facebook


One of the first steps in leading a customer down the sales funnel is also one that Facebook specializes in — awareness. Facebook Marketing Partner SocialCode recently published a guide showing how to publish broader campaigns that gauge interest.

Ben Weiss, SocialCode’s Marketing Content Strategist, outlined some strategies companies can use, such as targeting existing users with Custom Audiences, retargeting users with Website Custom Audiences and targeting based on preferences and lifestyle.

Weiss also called out for brands to consider quality content before thinking about advertising:

Whether introducing a new product, reinforcing brand identity or breathing life into a product that’s losing market share, awareness campaigns should focus on quality creative that builds positive attitudes rather than calling directly for purchases. Invest in engaging ad types that:

  • Tell stories about those affected by your brand.
  • Reward those who pay attention with witty, useful, clever or funny content.
  • Naturally integrate branded logos, colors and tone into visuals and copy to drive recall.

Weiss offered ways for companies to effectively measure the success of their campaign:

Awareness campaign success means reaching the largest population of qualified audiences at desired frequency for the lowest cost (indicated by low CPMs).

A secondary success measure success that indicates high ad quality is achieving engagements at scale (indicated by a low cost per engagement or CPE).

Download SocialCode’s full report, which outlines techniques from awareness through sales, by clicking here.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.