How One Twitter Impostor Got A Book Deal

He became famous for impersonating a political figure on Twitter (and also for his extremely foul language), but rather than being derided as an internet troll and facing legal action, Dan Sinker got a book deal.

Sinker began parodying Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago mayoral campaign on Twitter under the handle @MayorEmanuel when the campaign began. And nearly 2,000 tweets later, @MayorEmanuel had traversed an epic quest, and (Spoiler alert) ended up sacrificing himself into a time vortex. And the people loved it.

While he remained anonymous while tweeting, Sinker’s identity was revealed to The Atlantic shortly after the account went silent (following its protagonist’s demise).

Sinker accumulated nearly 50,000 followers in the few months that he tweeted @MayorEmanuel’s quest, has spoken to Stephen Colbert about his life as the fake Emanuel, and even met the man himself – and now he has a book deal to top it all off.

The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel” is available now through Amazon. It is a reproduction of the tweets that he sent during Emanuel’s campaign, as well as some additional content included where it makes sense.

The Atlantic is calling Sinker’s experiment “the first truly great piece of literature” to hit Twitter. But it isn’t literature in the traditional sense.

The book is possibly the beginning of a new trend in literature, one that combines mediums and embraces social media as a forum for the exploration of new ideas. In fact, funnyman Steve Martin is also in the process of writing his own Twitter book, presumably collecting his best tweets from the past and interspersing them with photos and commentary, just like Sinker.