How Much Money Is Your Klout Score Worth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You can put a value on almost anything these days, even something as intangible as your Klout score.

This infographic from explores how much money Klout scores in various ranges are worth.

They calculate the monetary value of a Klout score by looking at Perks: the freebies and discounts that Klout gives away to its members. If you have a certain Klout score, you will be qualified for various Perks, ranging from a sample of Axe Hair Gel to a Chiquita Banana Bike to access to exclusive events around the US.

They break down Klout scores into three categories, and estimate the value of someone with a score between 0-10, between 11-39 and between 40-99.

If you have the time and energy to apply for all of the Perks you’re eligible for, you might find that you can squeeze some actual value out of your Klout score. For instance, if you’ve got a score between 11-39 and you receive all your Perks, you’ll effectively have earned $251. And the big boys in the 40-99 range can potentially get $1,019 worth of Perks.

So just how much is your Klout score worth? Check it out in the infographic below, along with a breakdown of all the potential Perks and their value you could redeem (click to enlarge):

(Top image: Sergey Mironov via Shutterstock)