If These Walls Could Tweet: Tom Coates Builds Twitter Feed For His San Francisco Home

Having a dynamic relationship with your home has become a realistic possibility, thanks to products like Nest, an intelligent thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature in your house, and Twine, which adds Internet connectivity to devices.

San Franciscan Tom Coates has taken this Internet of Things interest one step further, with the Twitterization of his home.

Coates, who’s cofounder of an Internet of Things startup called Product Club, has built a Twitter feed for his San Francisco house.

People have long been able to talk to their appliances and devices – looking at you, Siri – but Coates wanted to forge a two-way relationship, in which his home could intelligently talk back.

The “House of Coates” Twitter account now posts regular tweets based on the temperature, lighting and weather conditions:


Hilariously, there’s even a Haunted Coates House Twitter account that the original sometimes retweets.

Coates told MIT’s Technology Review,

“It feels like the last few years is about letting that brain in the tank kind of see the outside world and respond to it, and activate and move things and change things in the real world.”

So how’d he hook up his home to Twitter?

A handful of Belkin WeMo switches allow him to control the lights in the living room, office, and bedroom from his iPhone; a WeMo motion sensor can tell if anyone enters the room; and a Twine device tracks the temperature and the ficus tree’s moisture level.

In addition, Coates uses IFTTT to turn the light on in his home office at sunset, and tweet about other goings-on.

Kind of brilliant.

Will your home be next?