House & Home, Totally En Fuego


Something must have gotten into the editors over at the Gray Lady — fresh air, perhaps? — because today’s House & Home is absolutely en fuego in a way it’s almost never been before (we remain, humbly, modest as ever). Penelope Green kicks her story on an unlikely decorating match off with this:

The first meeting between Laura Gottwald, an effervescent interior designer and jazz lover, and Margery Budoff, a personal injury lawyer and deeply committed audiophile, was so momentous that Ms. Budoff later had to rethink her undergarments.


Green goes on to ever-so-slyly wink at the relationship between Ms. Budoff and her second collaborator, Jack Fetterman. First of all, they met “at a bar between Chinatown and the Lower East Side,” an already achingly hipsterfied nod, then they shared a cab home, and now they’re co-hosting a Christmas party. But we never quite learned if they’re boning. Opacity R the news today.

Five minutes later, barely recovered, thought we’d cool down with a little Personal Shopper — always so far beyond any practical reach we’d ever attain that it’s like looking over the for-sale real estate listings. Except they invited Joyce Wadler so it was a boldface-4-ever party. With gifts like a

Makita 4390DW 9.6-volt cordless reciprocating saw kit, which is compact yet powerful enough to cut wood and “mild steel”

for Lil’ Kim or

an hour with a career counselor

for former FEMA director Michael Brown.

This is way too much flava. We need to lie down.

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