Hitpad for iPad 2.0 Update Adds Social News Curation to a Lickable Interface

Flipboard, the popular and useful social news curation app for the iPad, inspired a number of competitors in that app space. Back in April of this year, I took a look at one of these news aggregation apps and wrote… Hitpad for iPad: Lickable Graphical News Interface – Needs Social News Feed Curation. I went to note that: While Hitpad looks better than and is more readable than Taptu, its news curation is fixed. Linking to your Twitter and/or Facebook account is just for sharing information. It does not use your own sources for news curation..

Hitpad had a lot going for it back in April. But, it lacked some of the features and tweaks I wanted and I did not continue to use it much beyond the review period. However, when Hitpad founder and CEO Jay Meydad (@jaym) recently tweeted this, I decided to take another look.

@toddogasawara Hey Todd, we listened to users feedback & redesigned Hitpad completely. Would love your feedback. http://bitly.GetHitpad

Based on what I see in the version 2.0 update released this week, Hitpad’s team certainly addressed the issues I personally had with the earlier version. It seems to have nailed the integration of curated links from your Facebook friends. These links are categorized in columns labeled Links, Videos, Photos and Statuses. These categories makes it faster to browse through information from Facebook friends than on Facebook itself. Hitpad provides Twitter authentication too. However, I did not see links from people I follow there.

Hitpad’s Hot Topics provides a variety of news categories to quickly browser through: National, Health, Top Stories, Entertainment, Business, Science, Sports, Technology and World. Trending topics within each category are given focus with, again, News, Videos, Photos and Statuses (from Twitter at large).

Hitpad will probably not replace Flipboard in iPad users’ toolbox. However, it may earn its own place in the toolbox of iPad news junkies.