hi5 Launches SocioPath; Partners With Digital Chocolate, Playdom and HeyZap

Leading social gaming site hi5 has announced a new platform today, along with a long list of high-profile social game developers embracing it. The “SocioPath” social gaming platform from hi5 is intended to offer game developers a space to develop their own communities and leverage viral audience acquisition without relying on external social networks. It is being hailed as a platform that offers all the benefits of a social network without the restrictions.

Alex St. John, President and Chief Technical Officer of hi5, says that SocioPath is designed to “liberate from the walled garden social network.” It will offer everything that social networks offer, including monetization opportunities, a large audience and promotional tools. Developers will still enjoy the viral audience acquisition features of social games such as notifications, messages, invitations and gifts. But St. John makes it clear that SocioPath will not have the added restrictions that so many social networks place on game developers.

Along with the new SocioPath platform, hi5 has released a list of game developers who will be on board during the beta release rolling out over the next few months. SocioPath Developer partners include BigPoint, Casual Collective, Digital Chocolate, HeyZap, HitPoint Studios, Minsh, Playdom, Portalarium, Slingo, Sneaky Games, and TheBroth.

Will Harbin, CEO of Casual Collective, is looking forward to the SocioPath platform:

“[hi5’s] new product enhancements will allow us to virally reach more users through new channels. We’re looking forward to more games and more success on hi5.”

SocioPath follows hi5’s announcement earlier this year of a Developer Portal for game developers to more easily integrate their content onto the hi5 platform.