Hey! Where have I seen that tie before?

Jon at ASME 002.jpgPretty surreal watching “The Daily Show” after spending the night with Jon Stewart and friends — and “friends” — but knowing it was taped earlier. That’s a lotta play out of one tie, my friend. We’re working on our live blog of the event — see the report from our intrepid bosswoman Laurel Touby below — but in the meantime, some teasers: What does Kate White think about the attention span of women in their 20s and 30s? How aggressively does Graydon study demographic information? Did David Zinczenko really use the word “orgasm” and “Graydon Carter” in a sentence — three excruciating times? How long did it take before Jon put the screws to Jim Kelly over Norm Pearlstine? Did David Zinczenko really sound smart when he referenced Marshall McLuhan? Did I really pipe up incoherently from the front row, and did Jon really dash all my dreams and hopes? Is it suddenly okay to wear brown shoes with black socks? Did David Zinczenko really sound smart when he made a reference to the literate population of Shakespearean England? Is fit really the new rich, and did David Zinczenko actually see us repeatedly wincing from the front row?

The answer to these questions and more very soon! If you like Jon Stewart, you will LOVE reading about this event. Seriously. But it takes a while to write up so bear with us. We are rendering it most faithfully — it’ll be just like you were there! — plus we snuck our camera in and brazenly ignored the categorical prohibition on taking any sort of photos. At Fishbowl, we are rebels. Slow-typing rebels. But worth the wait. So check back. In the meantime, see Laurel’s take here and Folio’s report here.

Oh, by the way, some hot Daily Show gossip for you: new correspondent, Jason Jones, the one who did the horse show piece? He’s Samantha Bee’s husband. And yes, he’s Canadian.

Watch this space!

UPDATE: …for something exactly like this! Our Jon Stewart recaps are up, woo-hoo! Chekkit:

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