Hello Big Clickable Google Logo, Goodbye Awkward Horizontal Black Bar

Google has been spending a lot of time tweaking with their design, lately.  From unveiling a new social network to cleaning up GMail (and renaming it Google Mail), someone at Google has clearly recognized the importance of User Experience (UX) design.  Today, they unveiled a new concept: a big clickable Google button in the top left of every Google page. They call it the Google Bar.

The button launches a drop down menu which allows you to choose from their various services.  It’s a lot like a Windows Start Menu, to be honest, and to be honest it’s easy to use and makes a lot of sense. Watch the video below explaining the Google Bar.

It’s convenient that the first thing that drops down off the Google Bar is your own name — it’s a link to your own Google Plus profile and they’re clearly pushing their own social network. So to those of you who suspect that Google Plus is the next Google Wave or Google Buzz, I’ll say I seriously doubt it. Google is serious about ensuring their place in the social future, and even a redesign like this emphasizes the social web, and more importantly, YOU.

What do you think of the new Google Bar?