HBO Considers New York Times Media Writers For New Show

mediadecoder.jpgWith the mockumentary genre basically dominating television comedies in the last five years (“The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Summer Heights High”) it’s easy to forget the original source of these were British television shows that followed people around their jobs for a year and let you experience life through their eyes. Now Andrew Rossi, a filmmaker who has directed such New York-centric titles as Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven, is hoping to cash in on this earlier phenomenon with a look inside The New York Times‘ media desk, The New York Observer reports.

What originally started out as a documentary on writer David Carr soon expanded to other media writers after Carr got “the willies from being followed around solo.” The project now includes Brian Stelter, as well as (hopefully) some other Times writers before it airs, if it airs.

First, Rossi needs to get a pilot together to show HBO, with whom he has a development deal. The show will focus on “how they’re going about their journey, how much is changing on their beats and how this [media industry collapse] has an impact on the Times itself,” and will hopefully not be as depressing as the original “Office.”

So what do you think? Another September Issue, or a “True Life: I Work for The New York Times“? Is this idea silly, or could it actually be a mutually beneficial relationship between print and television?

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