Have we learned nothing from Janet and Justin?

Ah, the Superbowl. So deliciously indiscrete in prosecuting its half-time entertainment, we can only marvel in wonderment. 12-spain-inside.jpg

The half time show for Superbowl XL (FYI: No relation to Fishbowl XL, in which entertainment and media types square off in a caged, tapas-eating match.) is poised to be as riveting as the commercials for which we watch it in the first place – even without the presence of a famed aureola.


Today, we read, slack-jawwed, the decision to have fans “rush the field” when the Rolling Stones take the stage. Including the oldsters, too.

As the Detroit News even describes the battle plan with a straight face:

“The NFL is looking for 2,000 fans in groups of 20 or more to swarm the field at halftime; from that group, a smaller pool will be chosen to take part in the pre-game entertainment. Chosen fans will need to attend a number of rehearsals and should know they will be standing for long periods of time and will need to enter and exit the field swiftly before and after the performance.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to witness the first ever live trampling of Baby Boomers. Set your TiVo’s.