Hating Paris Hilton is Sign of Sanity, Scholars Agree


Paris Hilton inspires love, hate, and merchandising. Over at the Inkwell, Charlotte Allen cheers on Kay Hymowitz’s take down of the celebuant. Hymowitz, writing in City Journal, thinks:

Paris Hilton may be a composite of contemporary American sins, but hating Paris Hilton is another thing entirely. It’s a sign of lingering cultural sanity.

That Allen, a moderately well-known writer, and Hymowitz, a reportedly serious person herself, spent any time over Paris Hilton makes FBLA roll our eyes. We agree with Jeanette Walls who once told us that

Paris Hilton is a victimless crime.

If scholars study Elvis, Buffy, and the words to Baby Got Back, why not Paris-ology? FBLA would be proud to have the chair in Paris Hilton Studies.