Hacks and Flacks: Moving In On Gawker’s Turf?


We just received a Facebook event invite for a Hacks and Flacks happy hour at New York bar Sweet & Vicious. The organization’s Facebook Group (which we are a member of) includes this description: “We’re a group for Reporters, Editors, Politicians, Consultants, Communication Directors, Press Secretaries, Interns, Stenographers, Whistle Blowers, Scriblers, Spin Doctors, Ad Men, Groupies, Readers and anyone who’s daring enough to associate themselves with us.”

Sweet and Vicious is the same place where the monthly Media Meshing event takes place. Reached for comment, Gawker video editor (and Media Meshing organizer) Richard Blakeley told PRNewser, “I need to move my party anyway because it’s far too popular for Sweet and Vicious. We’re off to bigger and better things, new venue TBA.”

Hacks and Flacks could not be reached for comment as of the time of this post.