Guinness Division Offers Businesses a Shot at World Records

Lee Redmond, Guinness World Record holder

Used to be that Guinness World Records were held by people like Lee Redmond, who has 28-foot fingernails, or Arulanantham Suresh Joachim, who stood on one foot for over 76 hours.

This year, Guinness World Records has launched a division to help companies execute world record stunts to build buzz for their brands. According to The Wall Street Journal, Guinness World Records has seen the number of requests jump 250 percent in the last three years, with many requests coming from companies.

For less than $5,000, companies can have their stunt verified and added to the record books.  Hoyt Harper, global brand leader for Sheraton, which just recently set a record for the most people gathered for a resistance-band strength-training class (270 people) says Guinness creates “buzz, and we benefit from the novelty and association.”

But really? The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these events since they’re hard to measure. One example cited by the story is Natural Balance Pet Foods, which set the record for the largest float in the Tournament of Roses Parade (114 feet) and says sales jumped 15 percent. But that could be because a ton of people watch that parade.

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