Green Lantern Comics App for iPhone & iPad: 8 Free Issues to Get You Started

The Green Lantern movie is not getting critical acclaim. But, if you were entertained by it and want an easy way to get into the Green Lantern comic books, this new free app for the iPhone and iPad may be what you want.

Green Lantern Comics

There actually isn’t a need to get this app if you already have the DC Comics or ComiXology app. However, the Green Lantern Comics app works as a convenient filter if the only character that interests you is Green Lantern. If you set up an account in any of the ComiXology produced apps (DC, Marvel Image, etc.), the same account name and password will work with the Green Lantern Comics app. If you downloaded any of the free Green Lantern comics or bought one in the DC app, it will be listed as part of your library in this app too.

There are eight free comics (or short 8 page mini-comics) available for you to download right away to test out the app. Individual comic book issues are priced between 99 cents and $2.99. If you have used any of the ComiXology branded apps, this one works exactly the same.