Grassroots Enterprise Launches Actions To Let Page Admins Mobilize Fans

Grassroots Enterprise, the D.C. based communications firm, has announced today the launch of “Actions”, a new application which let’s page administrators enable page visitors to immediately send letters to Federal or state officials. While there are lots of companies which provide similar services, none that I’ve seen so far are integrated into the Facebook platform. It’s honestly surprising that it’s taken this long considering all the companies I’ve spoken to which have expressed interest in developing similar products.

The application is pretty straight-forward. Once installed by the page administrator and with a little configuration help from the company, users will be able to instantly take action. With the viral nature of Facebook Pages, being able to encourage visitors to take action immediately is an important feature. Facebook has already played an important role in politics and as its role expands I’d only expect to see more applications like this one.

One of the benefits of this application is the ability to collect the information in an external database for access later. I’ve included a video below which illustrates how this application functions. If you want to get this application configured for your organization, you will have to reach out to Grassroots Enterprise directly. The company also helps organizations that are looking to mobilize groups through the use of other Facebook technologies like applications and Connect.

Check out the video below to learn more about how this works.