Gowalla Warfare: Mobile Social Scavenger Hunt Closes $8.4M Investment Round

Gowalla.jpgGowalla, which The New York TimesBits described as a mobile social network that also serves as a virtual scavenger hunt, managed to scavenge up raised $8.4 million in a series-B investment round led by Greylock Partners, Bits reported.

In addition to encouraging users to alert friends to their locations, Gowalla also lets users find and earn items for checking in at key locations, which are then collected in their profiles.

Gowalla was created by Alamofire, and that company’s co-founder and chief executive, Josh Williams, told Bits the scavenger-hunt portion of the application is like “putting a stamp on the passport or a sticker on the suitcase with each and every check-in,” adding, “Historically, location-based services have struggled with creating an incentive for getting people to share their location.”

Gowalla has totaled 50,000 users and 150,000 check-ins at 7,500 cities since launching in March, Bits reported.