Gossip Girl: Social Climbing Game Debuts on Facebook

To coincide with the return of Gossip Girl to The CW Monday night, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment rolled out a social game on Facebook, Gossip Girl: Social Climbing.

In the game, fans earn points in their attempts to climb the “social ladder of Manhattan’s elite” by attending events, being seen with the right people, and dressing fashionably, and social-agenda missions within Gossip Girl: Social Climbing include attending parties with friends, flirting with mysterious strangers, and unleashing one’s wild side to get noticed by “You know who.” Game items can also be purchased to further the cause.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president Martin Tremblay said:

We recognize Facebook is a very important, growing platform for games, and for our first step in the space, we have made a fun game for hugely popular franchise Gossip Girl. Working with Warner Bros. Television, we are creating new categories of social games with built-in appeal to their extensive fan base.

Warner Bros. Television Group chief marketing officer Lisa Gregorian added:

After four seasons, more than 80 episodes, and close to 8 million Facebook fans, Gossip Girl remains a pop-culture phenomenon. Fans will relish the Gossip Girl: Social Climbing game play, where they earn rewards by attending virtual fashion shows, sample sales, club openings, and classic events like the Assassin Party and Sweetheart Ball with their favorite characters, including Blair, Serena, Chuck, and Nate. I just went to my closet and picked an outfit for tonight’s Club Opening at Ransom!!!