Google’s Sebastian Thrun Uses Google Glasses on Charlie Rose [Video]

Sebastian Thrun, founder and head of Google X, uses the connected Google Glasses while talking with Charlie Rose.  It’s pretty impressive to see him use the glasses, take a photo of Charlie Rose, then nod to upload the photo to “G Plus” as he calls Google+.  That must be what the cool kids in Google are calling that social network.  Check out the video to see the Google Glasses in action.

Charlie Rose is the first person to actually see the glasses in action, and he uses this opportunity to ask all kinds of probing question about the glasses and other cool technologies like artificial intelligence and driving a remote car.  There are also a lot of interesting clips of the technologies in action, including a clip of a blind man being driven by an artificial intelligence car.

He also discusses his project Udacity, which aims to help give free education to web video viewers.  His first experiment got 160,000 students from every country in the world other than North Korea.

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