Google Spotlight Stories Bring New Interactive Videos to YouTube

With Google Spotlight Stories, the sensors in supported Android devices allow users to interact with videos as they watch.

Google has announced the release of Google Spotlight Stories on YouTube, bringing a new form of interactive video to users on select Android devices. In time for Christmas, a new Spotlight Story is available to view on the Android YouTube app: Special Delivery, an original short film from Aardman Animations.

Special Delivery is the latest Spotlight Story from Google ATAP, Google’s ‘Advanced Technology and Projects Group.’ When viewing the video on a supported Android device, the sensors in a user’s phone turn the video into an interactive story. To be specific, when users move their phone to various scenes, they unlock mini-stories within the overall tale.

The Google blog reads:

You’ll want to watch Special Delivery a few times to find all the surprises within the story. In the full interactive experience, you’ll encounter 10 subplots, three potential ways to view the ending, and 60+ moments where you can decide to follow the story in different ways. Each viewing is unique. We don’t want to spoil the ending, so that’s all we’ll say for now…

Since Google Spotlight Stories are currently only available on select Android devices, a YouTube 360 version of Special Delivery has been created for viewing on other Android devices, iOS devices and the Web. Google Spotlight Stories will come to more Android devices, as well as the iOS YouTube app, next year.

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