Google Friend Connect to Launch in Months

David Glazer was speaking on the Google conference call today about the new Google Friend Connect. When asked about when the new service would be ready for prime-time, David responded “months; a couple”. Also of note was that this is not related in any way to Facebook Connect. As of now all we have seen is press releases and screenshots from Google, Facebook and Myspace.

So what is the rationale around announcing this all at the same time? I think this was strategic by all players. Myspace knew that Facebook was preparing to make an announcement about Facebook Connect. As such they went ahead an preempted Facebook’s announcement that would come on the anniversary of the Facebook platform announcement a little less than one year ago.

Google rapidly followed suit and now all players are suddenly involved in the opening of the web. From a few sources I’ve spoken with, this has been in the works for some time now but the timing of the announcements of each of these external facing platforms was not set yet. These announcements mark an inevitable transition from the closed web to the open web.

Unfortunately, everything is still theory with a little bit of substance. Honestly, my guess is that Facebook is furthest along in making this platform a reality. According to Facebook’s PR department, the platform will be publicly available within the “next several weeks.” The platform race has kicked back into full speed. Game on!