Google Announces 2Q Results

GoogleLogo.jpgGoogle announced its second-quarter financial results Thursday, posting $5.52 billion in revenue, up 3% from the year-earlier quarter; GAAP operating income of $1.87 billion, or 34% of revenues, versus $1.58 billion (29%) in the second quarter of 2008; and GAAP net income of $1.48 billion compared with $1.25 billion in the year-ago period.

The company said Google-owned sites generated $3.65 billion in revenue; partner sites generated $1.68 billion through AdSense; and the company pulled in $2.91 billion in non-U.S. revenue.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said:

Google had a very good quarter, especially given the continued macroeconomic downturn. While most of the world’s largest economies shrank, Google’s year-over-year revenues were up 3%. These results highlight the enduring strength of our business model and our responsible efforts to manage expenses in a way that puts us in a good position for the economic upturn, when it occurs. We remain focused on investing in technical innovation to drive growth in our core and new businesses.