Goodgame Studios Announces Shadow Kings for Browser, Mobile

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Big Farm developer Goodgame Studios has announced the upcoming release of its newest title on browser and mobile devices: Shadow Kings. The MMO building and strategy game sees players creating their own cities in a fantasy setting. The once-peaceful world has been thrown into chaos by an army of orcs, goblins and trolls, and players must work together to defeat this new darkness.

Players will start by building their settlement, earning resources to survive going forward. Players build up an army and can battle against others at enemy outposts. Multiplayer features include alliances and “complex diplomatic possibilities” that will add strategy to the experience, while Goodgame promises frequent content updates after launch to keep gamers coming back for more.

Both versions of the game will offer 3D graphics and animations, but the game won’t be cross-platform across browser and mobile. That is, players will not be able to take their progress from the browser version of the game over to iOS or Android, or vice versa.

“Releasing Empire: Four Kingdoms was our first step into the important mobile games market, and we are very proud of the success the game has had so far,” said Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, COO and co-founder of Goodgame Studios. “Shadow Kings is the first game we have released that has been designed and developed with a mobile platform in mind right from the very start. We can’t wait to see how the players will conquer our new fantasy world.”

Shadow Kings is set for release on browser, iOS and Android devices this August. Check back soon for more.