Good PR: Billy Joel Proves He’s Not Too Cool for School

Although Billy Joel has been on a touring hiatus for the past three years, he’s still earned some good press by headlining classrooms rather than stadiums. During a series of college visits, the Piano Man spoke to large groups of college students, often taking a moment to break down his songs on piano.

During one such recent college visit, Vanderbilt University freshman Michael Pollack worked up the nerve to ask if he could play a song with the piano man, himself. Without hesitation, Joel responded with an “Okay,” proving that for all the fame and fortune, he’s still not too much of a “Big Shot” to share the stage with an aspiring musician. Pollack played flawlessly, and Joel, clad in some dashing shades, crooned those famous lyrics before adding: “Remember that name…Guy’s got chops!”

Joel is about to begin touring again with performances scheduled this spring at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and the Stone Music Festival in Australia, and this clip proves that he’s a down-to-earth guy who cares about education and that he can still deliver the goods. His management team couldn’t have planned it better. (Oh, and for the record: the answer to the question “will my parents ever stop playing ‘Just the Way You Are?’ is ‘of course not!’)