Glamour Targets e-Commerce With iPad App

Glamour’s iPad app, which goes on sale Aug. 3, comes with an e-commerce feature that could help the mass women’s magazine compete with a growing number of shopping apps filling up the Apps Store.

The magazine—one of the biggest women’s monthlies to launch on the iPad—chose to go live with its September edition, when fashion magazines kick off the all-important fall shopping season.

A shopping section exclusive to the app contains 17 items that readers can click to buy on the retailer’s or manufacturer’s Web site.

“If you’re a fashion and beauty magazine and you’re selling a September issue, I think the reader expects, ‘Of course I expect to be able to look and shop that picture,’” editor in chief Cindi Leive said in demonstrating the app.

Glamour won’t get a cut of the purchase price, Leive said, explaining that the shopping section is an editorial service.

While the initial number of items in the shopping section is small, Leive said she hopes it will grow as more marketers refine their own Web sites to enable readers to jump directly to the page featuring the item.

Another feature lets readers save items throughout the entire magazine to a shopping list.

While some have raised concerns that iPad owners would forego a paid magazine app and instead browse the magazines’ mostly free Web content, Glamour sees the two working together.

Its app contains a mobile reader that pulls up’s dozens of daily blog posts. The mobile reader is refreshed throughout the day and can be read offline.

Other extras in the app include Cubicle Beauty, instructional videos in which Glamour staffers demonstrate beauty tips from their desks.

Nine premium sponsors paid extra for an enhanced presence on the app. They include A/X Armani Exchange, Levi’s and Revlon.

The Glamour iPad app is Conde Nast’s third app to come out of Conde Nast Digital after GQ and Vanity Fair. Others are following a second track using Adobe software that was created with Conde Nast over the course of about a year.

Like other magazines, which see the iPad as a way to recoup some of the expense of publishing a print edition, Glamour is charging the same per-issue price for its app as its newsstand price ($3.99). It is approved by the Audit Bureau of Circulations as a digital replica and will count towards Glamour’s paid circ.