General Motors’ Google Plus Page Looks Great… But Who’s Using It?

The debate continues in coffee shops and lunch rooms all over Silicon Valley about whether Google Plus is already a failure.  Does 25 million users ever constitute a failure?  Maybe, maybe not, but it looks like some big brands are taking steps to get their feet in the door either way.  General Motors is one of those brands, and they’ve set up their page to connect with the media.

General Motors has set up their page and they update it regularly with interesting posts about their cars and their biggest fans.  Take a look below.

What’s interesting here is how Google+ lets you add the page to your Circles just like any other profile.  Starting late in social has not had many advantages, but one has been that Google has learned from Facebook’s trial and error.  It’s obvious how the page works, and it’s simple to create a new Circle for brands and add all your favorite brands there — so they keep out of your friends’ news feed.

The big question is, however, are you even using Google Plus?  I look at the G+ page and there are 1207 people that have General Motors in their circles.  This is for one of the largest brands in American history on a network with 25,000,000 users.  There are sparing comments on each post, and the latest post has 3 “+1” likes, 1 share and one single comment.

Google is in that position now, where if they don’t find a way to get people back and excited to their network, Google Plus can become the next Google Wave or Google Buzz, and that would not bode well for the employees across the company who’s bonuses depend on success in social.