Gamevil’s Zenonia Series Enters the HD Age with Fourth Installment

Zenonia 4, the latest entry in Korean developer Gamevil’s popular mobile action RPG series, was released on the App Store on December 21. It’s the first entry in the series to debut at a free price point, with previous entry Zenonia 3 originally releasing at $4.99, later dropping to $.99 and subsequently completely free.

The Zenonia series is made up of action RPGs inspired by popular console games such as The Legend of Zelda. Taking place from a top-down perspective, players must guide the story’s hero through a sprawling world filled with monsters and treasures, in an attempt to save the world from an ancient evil. Regret can take on one of four different character classes at the outset of the game, and his abilities can be customized through points earned at level up and a wide range of equipment found throughout his quest.

The game’s mechanics are fundamentally very similar to previous entries in the series, with the main difference being the improved artwork. While primarily a single player adventure, Zenonia 4 also, like its predecessors, features a number of social features. These include asynchronous player-vs.-player battles, with two-vs.-two skirmishes making their first appearance in this installment; a “mercenary for hire” system which allows players to recruit others’ data as assistant characters; and a wide selection of Game Center achievements to compete for. Additional features over and above previous titles in the series include the main hero’s ability to transform into other forms; summon beasts; and unleash combo attacks with swipe controls.

While the app is free to download, it is monetized through in-app sales of the game’s currency as well as a hard currency known as Gold, reserved for premium purchases. The in-game Network Shop facility allows players to top up their supplies of healing equipment, expand their inventory space with additional bags, purchase items with which to improve their characters’ equipment, and purchase passes to compete in the Abyss online challenge mode.

The game’s main menu also displays banner advertisements for Gamevil’s other titles, with rewards of in-game currency on offer for those who click on the advertisements and download the other games. Currently, the game is cross-promoting Gamevil’s RPG and strategy game Arel Wars, with 300 Zen of in-game currency on offer for those who download the free app from the store.

As one of the relatively few publicly traded mobile companies, Gamevil is one of the larger and better-known developers in the mobile games space. The company’s smartphone revenue was up sixfold in the third quarter at 7.9 billion Korean won (or $7.1 million) from the year before. Its shares have correspondingly more than doubled from a year ago. The Zenonia series has been a big part of their success to date, and the company is clearly hoping for similarly high numbers of players with this latest effort.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Zenonia 4 is currently #358 in Top Free Apps, #77 in Top Grossing Apps, #150 in the Top Free Games genre, and #63 in the Top Grossing Games genre in the United States.