Friends Questions Is Facebook's Fastest Growing App

This week's fastest growing list shows Friends Questions making a memorable first appearance and Badoo reminding us that it is still a social hot spot.

This week’s fastest growing list shows Friends Questions making a memorable first appearance and Badoo reminding us that it is still a social hot spot. Read on for more, and if you are interested in what you see be sure to take a look at our detailed statistic tool used to compile these rankings.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Friend Questions1,087,8315,624,5074,911,851
2. Badoo3,213,38628,672,2022,568,083
3. BandPage by RootMusic1,466,90831,924,0162,466,940
4. Zoosk1,366,57512,399,7462,394,931
5. Amor415,0843,489,2901,982,659
6. VEVO for Artists679,1278,369,7021,904,952
7. Fruit Slasher617,5351,698,5591,548,785
8. Army Attack687,5273,886,9211,540,399
9. YouLike342,4142,333,1131,504,335
10. 21 questions911,73717,118,6731,353,373
11. Tag Friends137,1372,312,7621,342,803
12. Social Statistics444,8222,034,6731,229,256
13. Daily Horoscope5,190,41412,307,4801,180,977
14. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa606,4039,828,8801,177,778
15. Friend Matrix170,2462,990,8321,056,951
16. Pieces of Flair222,0003,194,4141,035,951
17. friend.ly245,9226,723,8001,014,853
18. Deci La Postita!! (Sexo)212,1341,792,5121,014,762
19. Pages +924,9154,894,2481,010,093
20. e-Diagnostics208,5684,157,711968,135

Question Applications

Taking the top spot by a large margin is an impressive way for Friend Questions to makes it first appearance on this weekly countdown; the app had 4,911,851 answering questions about their friends.

Another a newcomer this week, Spanish alternative Amor, climbs its way to fifth with 1,982,659 adds. At the midway point of our countdown 21 Questions holds steady as it finished with a 1,353,373 weekly growth total. Tag Friends has a tremendous week, kicking off the second half of our countdown with a 1,342,803 seven-day user increase.

For The Minglers

I thought we saw the last of Badoo, but the dating and chatting application bounces back once more taking second place welcoming 2,568,083 social networkers. Not far behind in fourth, Zoosk also makes a noteworthy comeback as it finished with a weekly growth increase of 2,394,931.

Italian newcomer YouLike gained steam this week as it pushes its way to ninth with 1,504,335 new minglers joining the mix.

For The Musicians

BandPage by RootMusic continues to be a go-to tool to improve the social networking presence of musicians, coming in third. The app helped 2,466,940 future rockstars in the past week. VEVO for Artists helped add video content to 1,904,952 profiles.

For The Social Gamer

The premise of game is found within its title with Fruit Slasher, and it is yet another new contender that crashed it way into seventh place at an erratic pace with 1,548,785 new players. On its heals, Digital Chocolate’s Army Attack grows by an additional 1,540,399 gamers attempting to take down evil forces.

Fun With Friends

Based on interactions mostly, and having no concrete evidence based on page views, Social Statistics tells a few fun facts about your biggest fans on the social network. The “just for fun” option finagles its way back on to our countdown in the 12th position with a 1,229,256 increase.

Friend Matrix slips eight places this time around, but the app doesn’t see too much of a drop in its weekly growth total from last week. The competition has heated up, and an additional 1,056,951 users only helped land the collage builder in fifteenth. Pieces of Flair also drops as it lands just behind, with a 1,035,951 user increase since last Friday.

Making its return, serves as a platform that sparks conversation with social networkers around the globe; 1,014,853 Facebook users helped the application take 17th place.

Fun On Your Own

Soft Reklam’s Daily Horoscope is a mainstay on our countdown, and this week the astrological will add daily predictions to an additional 1,180,977 profiles at it comes in 13th. Cover a few naughtier subjects over at Deci La Postita; the app welcomed 1,014,762 quiz takers.

Curious minds are heading towards e-Diagnostics for some interesting brain teasers; the app rounds out our list as it had 968,135 new people joining the fun.

Build A Better Page

Page creation tools seems to be a dissipating trend, as only two options still make the top 20. Iwipa actually moves forward this time around to 14th as its tabs built and view total comes in at 1,177,778. Pages + gets knocked down a few spots to the 19th position finishing with a weekly growth total of 1,010,093.

Readers, did you find yourself adding any of the applications mentioned this week?