‘Freedom’ Is Today’s Free eBook Of The Day

Today is the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. Google is celebrating the anniversary with a Google Doodle of the building. The building is also featured in today’s Free eBook of the Day, Freedom by Mack Reynolds.

The building shows up in this science-fiction story from 1961. Here is an excerpt: “Colonel Ilya Simonov tooled his Zil aircushion convertible along the edge of Red Square, turned right immediately beyond St. Basil’s Cathedral, crossed the Moscow River by the Moskvocetski Bridge and debouched into the heavy, and largely automated traffic of Pyarnikskaya. At Dobryninskaya Square he turned west to Gorki Park which he paralleled on Kaluga until he reached the old baroque palace which housed the Ministry.”

iTunes has the free download.

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