Foxy Brown, Russell Simmons Show up for Axl Rose, Kelly Bundy-inspired Fashion at YFC Fashion Week Collective

startup_ny banner.jpg

Wednesday night’s Fashion Collective at Capitale was a free-for-all of late 20th Century fashion and impromptu hip hop performances, but it was also a night for entrepreneurs. The Incubator Studio in Tribeca created the Fashion Week showcase to offset the costs of production for emerging designers including Yellow Fever Clothing, Keep Me and Prince Peter. How else would the YFC 2011 Spring Summer collection become a reality?

From the program:

YFC 2011 Spring Summer collection is loosely inspired by Axl Rose in his hey day, wearing black leather and bicycle shorts, and hanging with Kelly Bundy, in her tight Robert Palmer backup girl mini-dress. They go on a holiday to Martha’s Vineyard to enjoy the colors of the season and relax. However, Axl loses his prescription pills and so they run off to Japan to find more and they bump into a new-techno samurai…

The new-techno samurai was hard to spot, but a very stealthy Foxy Brown slipped into the mini-dress parade for a surprise performance. Her Foxiness proceeded to thank hip hop mogul Russell Simmons (also in the crowd) for starting her career while she strutted down the runway singing “ain’t no [n-word] like the one I got – he sleeps around, but he gives me a lot.”

Check out the highlights below: